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Latest from the Air Ambulance Industry

The air ambulance industry was witness to a fight in the court of law and an exciting innovation recently. We take a look at both of these developments.

Medical Flight Services and Blood Transfusions

Blood transfusions during blood-loss emergencies are well taken care of when medical flight services carry blood along. We take a deeper look into the subject.

Interference Risk: Air Ambulances and 5G Networks

The interference risk caused by the advent of the 5G network has been worrisome for air ambulances. We take a look at the prevailing landscape in detail.

Medical Flights and 5G Network – A Deep Dive

5G networks and medical flights may be causing problems for each other. At this point, it is all about views and counterviews. We look at the situation.

Medical Flight Services and No Surprise Bill – Who Wins?

With the introduction of the No Surprise Bill, paying for medical flight services will no longer be a worry for the common man. We take a look.

Air Ambulance Association Files Lawsuit Over Regulations

An air ambulance association has filed a federal lawsuit as it disagrees with some aspects of the No Surprises Bill. We take a look at this development.

New Air Ambulance Bill Comes Closer to Being a Reality

The new No Surprises Act is slated to come into effect from next year. What will it mean to the general public seeking air ambulance services?

Demand for Air Ambulances Rises Again with Increasing COVID-19 Cases

The new surge in the COVID-19 cases has increased the demand for air ambulances as people struggle to find ICU beds in severe cases.

Better Treatment Outcomes When Air Ambulances are Involved

Air ambulances can reduce the time to reach appropriate health care facilities and improve survivability. The treatment outcomes are also known to be better.

Air Ambulance Industry and the End of Surprise Billing

The end of surprise billing will make air ambulance services more affordable but the move is not without cons. We take a look.

Regulations and Medical Flight Safety – What’s the Relationship?

What is the relationship between medical flight safety and the regulations that govern the industry? We take a close look.

Air Ambulance News from Around the World

We take a look at the latest developments in the air ambulance industry this week and bring you a brief wrap of it.

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