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Air Ambulance

By prioritizing air ambulance insurance and comprehensive travel coverage, travelers safeguard their financial well-being and peace of mind,
There are certain situations and medical conditions that make air ambulance travel a necessity. We take a look at some of those.

Air Ambulance Transport, Medical Insurance and Travel Overseas

We have already discussed previously that air ambulance transport can cost up to $100,000 when it involves crossing international borders. Now, add this amount...

“Appropriate Facility” for Medical Air Transportation According to Medicare

Among the many conditions Medicare lays down, ensuring that “the facility is appropriate” is vital. Failing this condition, the medical air transportation service might...

REVA Air Ambulance Finalizes Purchase of American Care Air Ambulance

REVA Medical Flights, the world's most distinguished Medical Flights service transport company in the North American continent , has finalized the takeover of American...

Air ambulance ratings announce updated companies profiles with new features

Airambulanceratings.com has released a statement disclosing updated air ambulance company profiles due out next week. Updated air ambulance company pages will include address, phone...

When is a Ground Ambulance vs Air Ambulance vs Helicopter used?

While ground ambulances may be the most practical for transport under 200 miles, for emergency situations, helicopters may be best for transport up to 200 miles and airplane air ambulances for transports over 200 miles.

What should look for in an air ambulance company?

Seek an established company that owns and operates it own equipment and has a full-time dedicated staff. The company should be certified as an air ambulance service by the FAA and should have all related licenses and insurance

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