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Air Ambulance News from Around the World

We take a look at the latest developments in the air ambulance industry this week and bring you a brief wrap of it.

The Air Ambulance Industry Needs to Work Together

The air ambulance industry is going through a tough phase today. The major players in the industry need a strategy to stay afloat and profitable. We take a look.

Air Ambulance Services and the Possibility of COVID-19 Spike

The United State could be at the cusp of a second COVID wave. The air ambulance industry needs to remain prepared for it. We take a look.

New Developments in the Air Ambulance Industry

We bring you some of the most exciting happenings from around the world in the air ambulance industry.

Tackling the Change: Air Ambulance Surprise Billing Curb

The new congressional bill aimed towards the air ambulance industry to curb surprise bills can hit the bottom line of the service providers. We analyze.

Medical Flight Surprise Billing Practices May Soon End?

Medical flight surprise billing practices might see an end soon. The Federal Government is now looking at the practice with a focus on the air ambulance industry.

Medical Flight Maintenance – A Perpetual Journey

Medical flight services are expensive and there is no doubt about it; however, much of this cost is due to the high maintenance. We take a look.

Air Ambulance Industry in Focus as the Flu Season Arrives

We have, for long, maintained that the air ambulance industry is extremely vital for the rural communities spread across the length and breadth of...

Medical Flights – An Integral Part of F1 Racing

Sounds a little odd that medical flights are a part of F1 racing, right? Not when you look at it closely. The safety rules...

Air Ambulance Industry – What Happened to Ending Surprise Billing Practice?

It was not too long ago that news headlines were abuzz with the possibility of ending surprise billing but now, it seems nothing much...

Air Ambulance: Unexpected Bills Despite Having Insurance

The phenomenon, widely known as surprise billing, has troubled the United States for quite some time. It has been highlighted from time to time...

Air Ambulance Industry: The Current State of Affairs in the Face of COVID-19

People around the world are wary of getting out of the confines of the home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The result has been...

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