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While the No Surprises Act aims to protect patients from financial hardship, its impact on air ambulance services warrants careful consideration. We take a look.
Not opting for Medicaid Part B can spell financial doom, especially if one opts for an air ambulance ride. This, despite the No Surprises Act. We explain.

Why is Maintenance of an Air Ambulance Company Expensive?

The cost of maintenance and service is not just a financial issue. It also has regulatory and staffing cost implications. We take a look.

The Latest Air Ambulance News

The air ambulance industry is never short of exciting news. We bring you a few curated happenings that caught our interest recently.

Vacations and Access to Medical Flights

Planning to go on a vacation abroad? Do you have access to medical flights in case you turn COVID positive during your vacation?

Interesting Air Ambulance News Pieces from Around the World

There were several exciting events that took place in the world of air ambulance last week. We present to you a few of them.

Insurance Company Sued for Denying Air Ambulance Coverage

There was yet another case of air ambulance coverage denial recently. This time around, it was a patient who was flown to a Florida hospital on the advice of the treating physician.

Medical Flight Risk Assessment

Medical flight risk assessment tools are extremely important to foresee the involved risks and development of risk mitigation strategies.

Air Ambulance Transport – Stretchers

A stretcher can be a great alternative to booking an air ambulance transport; however, there are some limitations that come along with it.

What’s Happening in the Air Ambulance World?

What’s happening in the world of air ambulance services. We bring you the latest developments in a concise form.

Medical Flight Safety and Lapses

Medical flight services today are considered one of the safest modes of patient transport today. However, it has been a journey. We take a peek.

Family Thanks Air Ambulance Service for Saving their Child

It was a normal family outing for 11-year-old Emilia, fondly referred to as Millie by her family. Never had they dreamt that soon they...

Wife of an Air Ambulance Pilot Appeals to Public

The life of an air ambulance pilot is risky with weather conditions that transform without warning and the ongoing COVID-19 situation. However, it is...

Air Ambulance Charity – A Celebrity Endorsement Worth Noticing

The air ambulance charities in the United Kingdom are no strangers to celebrity endorsements, Prince William being of the most noticeable among them. However,...

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