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Air Ambulance Facts

What are the different types of air ambulance services available to us today? We take a brief look at various types.
Air ambulance costs are multifaceted. A good understanding helps you navigate through them and offset at least some financial burden.

Air Ambulances: A Few Interesting Points

Air ambulances are a mystery for most people. We look at some of the points that make air ambulances more relatable. Read on.

New Lawsuit Opposing No Surprises Act

Although people will continue to enjoy the benefits of No Surprises Act, a part of the medical industry, including air ambulance services has issues with it.

Does Your Insurance Cover Your Air Ambulance Evacuation?

Before booking his holiday flight from San Francisco to Miami, Stefan Mitrovic inquired, "Do I need travel insurance?" That's when he remembered his suitcase....

Planning Pediatric Air Ambulance Transfer is a Complex Process

Air ambulance transfer of pediatric patients can be a complex process that involves several aspects. We take a look at the pre-flight factors.

A Look at Some of the Air Ambulance Companies in the United States

There are several air ambulance companies in the United States of America. We take a look at some of them and give you a few details.

FAQs: Patient Confidentiality and Air Ambulance Services

Patient health information must be protected by law. Air ambulance companies too have certain legal obligations.

US Air Ambulance VS UK Air Ambulances: What’s The Difference?

What are the differences in the air ambulance care provided in the United States and the United Kingdom? We take a deep dive.

History of the Air Ambulance Industry

Air Ambulance is a relatively new industry. Air Ambulance Helicopter was introduced in 1972 and has been in use since then. It has evolved over time, becoming more efficient and reliable.

Air Ambulance Service Provider Sues the Government

An air ambulance service provider recently sued the government over disagreements in the No Surprises Act. We take a detailed look.

How Can the Air Ambulance and Drone Industries work Together?

Can air ambulance and drone industries work together? We believe that the answer to the question is a resounding, “Yes.” We explain.

Air Ambulance Fatality Rates Beat the Rest in Aviation

Air ambulance crashes are likely to be 3 times more fatal when compared to any form of flying in the aviation sector. We take a look at some research and statistics.

A Weekly Round Up of Air Ambulance News

We bring you a round-up of newsworthy items from the world of air ambulance services. We cover costs, funding and more. Take a read for the latest industry news.

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