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Air Ambulance Technology

By prioritizing air ambulance insurance and comprehensive travel coverage, travelers safeguard their financial well-being and peace of mind,
There are certain situations and medical conditions that make air ambulance travel a necessity. We take a look at some of those.

UK’s Royal Navy Partakes in an at-sea Air Ambulance Trial

The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy was recently involved in a first-of-its-kind at-sea air ambulance exercise. We take a look.

AI-Powered Unmanned Air Ambulance Could be a Reality Soon

AI and Robotics Technology Park, an organization in India is designing an unmanned air ambulance that is AI powered. We take a look.

Jet Packs will Soon be Used to Supplement Medical Flight Rescue Efforts

Paramedics may soon use jetpacks to rescue people stuck in dire situations. It will be an augment to the efforts by medical flight services. We take a look.

Medical Flights and Drones – How Can They Co-exist?

Drones have been known to cause problems for medical flights. While banning them is not the answer, there must be accountability and consequences. We take a look.

Medical Flight Coordination – ERP Systems Can Help

What is an ERP or enterprise resource planning system and how can it help medical flight services? These are some of the questions that we find answers for.

A Look into NASA’s Advanced Air Ambulance Vehicles

NASA is currently developing an automated air ambulance vehicle that promises to cut the cost of transportation while increasing the reach. We take a look.

Medical Flights, Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics

Technologies like the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics can transform the way medical flights are maintained today. We take a brief look at how they can help.

Medical Flights and Connected Technology

Connected technology can go a long way in making medical flights improve the quality of service. The technology can facilitate better treatment outcomes.

Flying Cars for Air Ambulances – What’s the Possibility?

Can flying cars be our future air ambulances? The thought might seem absurd at the present time but may become a reality in the near future. Let’s take a look!

Medical Flight Services, HIPAA and Technology

Medical flight services must ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and this demands the adoption of technology and personnel training.

Air Ambulance Training – Simulators for Pilot Training

The air ambulance industry may soon rely more on simulation training for pilots, as it is both risk-free and cost-effective. We bring insights.

Air Ambulance Industry – Going Green

How can the air ambulance industry bring down its carbon footprint? One way to achieve this is by adopting greener fuels. We take a look.

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