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Latest from the Air Ambulance Industry


From futuristic looking jet suit powered paramedics to lawsuits surrounding false advertisements, there was a lot that occurred in the air ambulance industry in the recent past. We take a look at some of the most interesting developments and curate them for our readers. The week’s write-up promises to be another interesting edition. Read on.

Jet Suits for Paramedics May Soon Be a Reality in the Air Ambulance Industry

The concept of equipping jet suits for paramedics in the air ambulance industry has been a matter of discussion for years. However, now, the concept seems just inches from reality. In fact, this service has been successfully tested in Cumbria.

If adopted fully by the air ambulance industry, rescues will surely become much more efficient. In that, the paramedics would be able to take a ‘flight’ from the air ambulance directly to the person in distress, saving several valuable minutes. The result could be quicker treatment and a better eventual outcome. The concept will soon become a reality for the residents of the Lake District.

Air Methods Sued for Certain Advertising Claims

Air Methods, which is one of the largest chains in the US air ambulance industry has been sued recently for what is believed to be a false narrative that was peddled through its advertisements. The air ambulance industry leader has, however, contested this claim in the court of law.

The bone of contention is the ad by Air Methods which claims that those companies that offer air ambulance memberships do not service the patients during emergencies. This has led the organizations that offer such memberships to drag Air Methods to court. In this context, it must be noted that Air Methods does not offer such memberships. Such ads are particularly popular in rural areas where much of the population depends on air ambulance services as there is a lack of well-equipped treatment facilities.

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