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Does Your Insurance Cover Your Air Ambulance Evacuation?


Before booking his holiday flight from San Francisco to Miami, Stefan Mitrovic inquired, “Do I need travel insurance?” That’s when he remembered his suitcase. “I’m bringing some valuable Christmas presents,” Mitrovic, who runs an internet consultancy in Los Angeles, said. “I was worried they’d get separated on the flight.”

Air Ambulance Insurance is Inevitable

According to Harding Bush, manager of security operations for Global Rescue, a provider of travel risk management services, this holiday season will be unlike any other. “There are more people traveling,” he said. “Airlines are experiencing staffing issues. And dealing with the surge is difficult for them.” In other words, your holiday plans are more likely to be canceled or delayed than they were last year – and possibly ever.

Consider this: would you prefer to be treated in your own country or in a foreign country, no matter how exotic? The answer is obvious, but the associated costs are not. As a result, it makes sense to protect yourself with insurance that provides air ambulance evacuation coverage if the need arises.

It is Time to Make Travel and Insurance Plans

Do you require travel insurance for your vacation? The time has come to find out. Insurance is typically purchased by travelers to protect their costly international trips. However, since the pandemic, they have purchased more policies than ever before. Is holiday travel more dangerous this year? What kind of insurance should you get? Mitrovic only wanted to protect his luggage. For domestic flights, the US government limits your airline’s liability for delayed baggage to $3,800. However, the claims process is difficult, and many items are excluded from coverage. Through Travelinsurance.com, he discovered a policy that would cover his checked luggage for up to 75% of its current market value.

Choose a policy that covers not only your valuables but also your health, especially if the need arises.

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