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What are the different types of air ambulance services available to us today? We take a brief look at various types.
Air ambulance costs are multifaceted. A good understanding helps you navigate through them and offset at least some financial burden.

Wales Professional Goes the Mile for Local Medical Flight Charity

A finance professional from the rural United Kingdom has set out to raise funds for the local medical flight charity through an endurance event. We take a look.

Yet Another Creative Air Ambulance Fund-Raising Effort

The Great North Air Ambulance Service recently announced a gaming event with the intent of raising funds. We take a look.

Stiff Opposition to Shifting Air Ambulance Base

Campaigners opposing the closure of the Wales Air Ambulance base in Gwynedd gathered at the site near Caernarfon to demand that it remain open....

Mental Health: Dedicated Garden for Air Ambulance Crews

The mental health of air ambulance crews demands attention. A right step in this direction, Midland air ambulance will soon have a garden for its crews to unwind and relax.

11-Year-Old Kid Expresses his Gratitude to Air Ambulance Charity

A 11-year-old boy who was recently rescued by a charitable air ambulance company returned to thank the staff for their timely help.

Retired Teacher Wills Estate to Air Ambulance Charity

A retired teacher in the United Kingdom leaves his entire estate for an air ambulance charity. We take a look at his amazing life and the legacy that he has left behind.

Air Ambulances and Drones – CAA Advisory

The Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom has released a few drone-flying best practices to keep air ambulances safe in the skies. We take a look.

A Super Sweet Air Ambulance Charity Effort

Recently a 220 lb chopper was created to raise funds for charitable air ambulance organizations in the United Kingdom. We take a look.

Air Ambulance Company Launches Alcoholic Beverage!

An air ambulance charity in the United Kingdom in conjunction with a brewery has come up with a low-alcohol beer for fund-raising. We take a look.

Family Thanks Air Ambulance Service for Saving their Child

It was a normal family outing for 11-year-old Emilia, fondly referred to as Millie by her family. Never had they dreamt that soon they...

Medical Air Services Face a New Set of Challenges

The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Medical Air Services recently revealed that they are witnessing a whopping 40% increase in demand for their services. On the...

The Need for Charity Medical Flight Services in the US

The United States of America is among the most expensive countries when it comes to health care. Of course, the quality of health care...

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