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Yet Another Creative Air Ambulance Fund-Raising Effort


The air ambulance companies in the United Kingdom are mostly dependent on charitable donations from their local communities. A part of it also comes from government and corporate donations. However, on their part, air ambulance companies regularly host interesting events to raise funds and engage the local communities. Here is one such interesting event which will be held throughout this month.

Gaming to Raise Funds for Air Ambulance

The Great North Air Ambulance Service recently asked gamers to ‘play’ a role in saving lives by hosting a gaming day.

GNAAS has partnered with Give Penny to launch a ‘World Gaming Day’ fundraiser in which people hold a gaming day with their friends and family to raise funds for their charity.

The official World Gaming Day is Saturday, October 22, but gamers can hold their event on any day in October.

Those interested in participating must create a Give Penny fundraising page, and once registered, they must choose a game, play and stream it, or invite friends over for a day of gaming.

What the Organization Conveyed

“In the last fiscal year, we were called upon 1,732 times to help treat the most severely ill and injured people in the North of England,” said GNAAS paramedic Jamie Walsh, who is also a keen gamer. Every mission costs about £4,478 and we receive no government funding, so we rely on donations and fundraising from supporters.

“We’re really excited to launch our new gaming fundraiser because it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family while also raising important funds for our charity.”

Participants can choose between digital games such as Minecraft and FIFA and board games such as Monopoly and Twister.

There is no set minimum fundraising goal, but it is suggested that each host ask their participants to donate £10 in addition to any other fundraising incentives or challenges that are set up on the day.

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