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Retired Teacher Wills Estate to Air Ambulance Charity


The Great North Air Ambulance service which is based out of the United Kingdom recently revealed that it was “completely blown away” by the generous estate that was left behind for it by John Dodds. He was a retired teacher and had recently passed away at the age of 85 years. The air ambulance charity revealed that it was the largest donation that it had ever received by an individual in its history. The medical flight organization, however, refused to reveal the amount as it was the wish of John Dodds. Mr. Dodds, it is believed, was a socially active individual who loved doing things for the community.

How will the Donation Help the Air Ambulance Organization?

It was revealed by the air ambulance charity that it conducts about 400 rescues on an average every year. Each rescue costs them about 5000 British Pounds. The charity covers North Yorkshire, Cumbria, and the North East. The estate left behind by Mr. Dodds will cover about 200 of these rescues, which, no doubt, is a big help for the organization. It also gives us an idea that he has left behind quite a sizeable amount for the air ambulance charity.

A Bit About the Donor

Mr. Dodds was a teacher of math and physics. The man was quite passionate about motorcycles. He was well aware that air ambulances often reach places that land ambulances find hard to do. According to one of his friends, the decision to donate the sum was made later in his life as he had come to appreciate what air ambulance services do for the local communities.

Mr. Dodds would involve himself in community tasks like helping seniors with their shopping trips and even making book calls for those who found it physically tough to go to the library and get books. Certainly, a life well-led.

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