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When faced with a medical emergency abroad, securing an air ambulance for repatriation can be a daunting and expensive endeavor. Insurance companies may refuse to cover these costs for several reasons. One common issue is the...
Speed, combined with the high level of care provided by air ambulance services, make them an indispensable resource in the management of severe burn injuries.

Medical Flights, Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics

Technologies like the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics can transform the way medical flights are maintained today. We take a brief look at how they can help.

Medical Flights and Connected Technology

Connected technology can go a long way in making medical flights improve the quality of service. The technology can facilitate better treatment outcomes.

Vacations and Access to Medical Flights

Planning to go on a vacation abroad? Do you have access to medical flights in case you turn COVID positive during your vacation?

Medical Flights for the Elderly – Tips

Medical flights for the elderly can be slightly complicated, especially if the condition is serious, and the distance to be travelled is a lot. We take a look.

Medical Flights: COVID-19 Waves and the Fatigue of Dealing with Them

Medical Flights: The wave after wave of the pandemic is taking a toll on the flight staff who power the air ambulance industry.

A Marketplace for Medical Flights

A marketplace for medical flights can be extremely helpful in bringing transparency and allowing people to make an informed decisions. We take a look.

Powering Enhanced Medical Flights

The cost of medical flights has been skyrocketing, and the new innovations are driving the prices further up. What can the industry do to contain it?

Medical Flights Equipped to Handle COVID-19 Witness Demand Surge

Medical flights that are considered safe to carry patients infected by COVID-19 are seeing a huge bump in demand at the current time. The...

Medical Flights – An Integral Part of F1 Racing

Sounds a little odd that medical flights are a part of F1 racing, right? Not when you look at it closely. The safety rules...

Medical Flights and Jet Suits

Medical flights can fly above almost any terrain but landing can be a worry. Rappelling from choppers has its own risk, putting the lives...

Rural Access to Medical Flights is More Important than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly making inroads into rural America. The higher number of elderly people living in rural communities is especially vulnerable now....

Medical Flights Amidst COVID-19 Spread

Keeping medical flights afloat during the ongoing COVID-19 spread is turning out to be an uphill task for most air ambulance companies. Several issues...

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