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Air ambulance stretcher services play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless and safe transportation of patients requiring long-distance travel. We take a detailed look.
What are air ambulance escort services and who needs them? These are just a few of the many questions that we answer in this guide. Read on.

Flying Cars for Air Ambulances – What’s the Possibility?

Can flying cars be our future air ambulances? The thought might seem absurd at the present time but may become a reality in the near future. Let’s take a look!

Air Ambulances and Drones – CAA Advisory

The Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom has released a few drone-flying best practices to keep air ambulances safe in the skies. We take a look.

Air Ambulances and No Surprises Bill: Consumer Perspective

What does the No Surprises Bill mean for consumers? Why are some air ambulances and medical bodies opposing the bill? How can consumers educate themselves?

Demand for Air Ambulances Rises Again with Increasing COVID-19 Cases

The new surge in the COVID-19 cases has increased the demand for air ambulances as people struggle to find ICU beds in severe cases.

Better Treatment Outcomes When Air Ambulances are Involved

Air ambulances can reduce the time to reach appropriate health care facilities and improve survivability. The treatment outcomes are also known to be better.

Air Ambulances and Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can play a vital role in streamlining emergency services, especially when it comes to air ambulances. Imagine this situation: John is out...

Air Ambulances and Drones

Several countries around the world have progressed much further than the United States when it comes to drones. Take for instance, the East African...

Air Ambulances and Developments in Vehicular Technology

It is hard to believe that the future will see more efficient emergency transportation than air ambulances. However, it is true and that future...

Why is it Widely Believed that State Control is Not the Best for Air Ambulance Customers?

It is a short question that demands an elaborate answer. As the rural hospitals close at a rapid rate, air ambulances are playing a...

Night Vision Goggles Make Air Ambulances More Accessible and Safe

Air ambulance companies across the United States are investing thousands and sometimes millions of dollars on night vision goggles. While a part of this...

What you Need to Know about ePCR Systems for Air Ambulances

Everything is going digital. It’s easier and more efficient to maintain your patient records digitally than have to drag around hard copies of documentation...

How to Get Hired as a Paramedic for Air Ambulances

You have a dream of working as a paramedic for air ambulances. Now you’ve completed your certification and have all the necessary qualifications to...

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