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Air Ambulances and No Surprises Bill: Consumer Perspective


Come New Year and people will no longer need to fear balance billing when it comes to air ambulances. However, the general public is not entirely educated enough about the advantages that the No Surprises Bill brings to the table. Once it comes to effect on January 1, 2022, people will no longer be liable for any bills from air ambulances. It is designed to protect customers from exorbitant charges that are levied on them for exercising their right to live and get adequate healthcare. However, with the new bill coming into effect, there is bound to be some confusion and the potential for people to fall prey to unfair financial practices.

Support for Rights Knowledge

Customers are urged to know their rights by educating themselves thoroughly. Of course, there are going to be issued as to where one can find the right sources for doing so. One such guide has been presented by US PIRGS. The Department of Health and Human Services (popularly known as HHS) will have a dedicated helpline for consumers in this regard. Anyone can call this line to know more about the bill and also raise any complaints that they may have about air ambulances or medical practices in general from physician to hospital services. The scope must be limited to billing practices while doing so.

There is Opposition to the New Bill

Certain air ambulances, doctors’ associations, and hospital conglomerates are opposing the new bill. The primary reason that they are doing so is a strong belief that the new rules favor insurance companies. Their grouse is that insurance companies will arbitrarily be able to decide the payout for the medical services rendered. They also clarify that their intent is not to take away the advantage that the patients get but to create a fair playing ground with the insurance industry.

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