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What are the different types of air ambulance services available to us today? We take a brief look at various types.
Air ambulance costs are multifaceted. A good understanding helps you navigate through them and offset at least some financial burden.

Navigating Air Ambulance Bills: Why Medicaid Part B Is Essential

Not opting for Medicaid Part B can spell financial doom, especially if one opts for an air ambulance ride. This, despite the No Surprises Act. We explain.

The Economics of Air Ambulances: Understanding Cost Dynamics

The economics of air ambulances are multifaceted, encompassing a spectrum of expenses ranging from aircraft acquisition and maintenance to personnel and operational costs. We take a look.

Why is Maintenance of an Air Ambulance Company Expensive?

The cost of maintenance and service is not just a financial issue. It also has regulatory and staffing cost implications. We take a look.

How to Choose Air Ambulance Services?

Choosing air ambulance services can be a daunting task. There is the health to consider and also the expenses involved. We bring you a guide to allay your concerns.

How are Air Ambulance Services Dealing with Rising Costs?

Air ambulance services are struggling to stay afloat today. The primary reason behind this is the rising cost. How is the industry coping with it? We take a look.

New Air Ambulance Bill Comes Closer to Being a Reality

The new No Surprises Act is slated to come into effect from next year. What will it mean to the general public seeking air ambulance services?

What Makes a Good Air Ambulance Service?

What are the important factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding on the right air ambulance service for your loved ones?

Air Ambulance Transport – Stretchers

A stretcher can be a great alternative to booking an air ambulance transport; however, there are some limitations that come along with it.

Powering Enhanced Medical Flights

The cost of medical flights has been skyrocketing, and the new innovations are driving the prices further up. What can the industry do to contain it?

Medical Flight Membership Programs – The Relevance

Medical flight memberships will continue to remain popular even if there is an end to surprise billing. Here’s why we predict this.

Medical Flight Services and Insurance Companies seem to be Coming Around

A recent survey has shown that medical flight services are now more open to insurance network participation. In fact, the numbers have gone up...

The Concept of Medical Flight Shopping

Imagine a situation where a patient is in a life-threatening situation and a medical flight is an absolute necessity. The treating physician recommends an...

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