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Things to Know Before Availing Air Ambulance Service


From carrying the elderly who find it tough to get through the security precautions of commercial flights to carrying critical patients, an air ambulance can cater to a whole range of medical transportation needs. Air ambulances are always well-equipped with medical facilities and have experts onboard such that ferrying patients is as safe as it gets. However, knowing certain things beforehand can make this medical travel more comfortable.

Who is Best Suited for Air Ambulance Service?

Air ambulances are best suited for patients who need to travel a distance that is in excess of around 250 miles. The air ambulance route becomes almost the safest way to travel when the patient is suffering from severe burns, spinal cord injury, or needs ongoing treatment for ailments such as cancer.

Air Ambulance Service Beyond National Borders

Most air ambulance service providers can carry their patients not just across national borders but also across continents. However, owing to several procedural demands such as acquisition of visa, landing arrangements and permits, it is wise to book the flights well in advance. In general, when there is a medical emergency, the arrangements can be made within as little as 2 hours depending on the destination.

Accompanying the Patient in Air Ambulances

The number of people who can travel along with the patient entirely depends on the size of the flight and the service chosen. Usually, a minimum of 1 to 2 people can accompany the patient as preference has to be given to qualified staff to care for the patient.

Planning Your Luggage Before Boarding

Naturally, preference is given to the medical equipment and the comfort of the patient. This means that there is just a little space in the air ambulance for personal luggage. It is a good idea to get most of the personal luggage transported through a commercial flight. A bit of planning and carrying only the essential items is the best way to go about your luggage.

You Do not Have to Worry about Logistics

When you avail the air ambulance service, the provider will ensure that there is perfect coordination during boarding and disembarking from the aircraft such that qualified staff is available at all times. All that a loved one has to do is be with the patient and follow the guidelines provided.

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