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When faced with a medical emergency abroad, securing an air ambulance for repatriation can be a daunting and expensive endeavor. Insurance companies may refuse to cover these costs for several reasons. One common issue is the...
Speed, combined with the high level of care provided by air ambulance services, make them an indispensable resource in the management of severe burn injuries.

Medical Flight Bills – The Past and the Present

With the passing of the No Surprises Bill patients can no longer be held responsible for payment of balance bills for medical flight services. We take a look at the current scenario.

Medical Flight Risk Assessment

Medical flight risk assessment tools are extremely important to foresee the involved risks and development of risk mitigation strategies.

Regulations and Medical Flight Safety – What’s the Relationship?

What is the relationship between medical flight safety and the regulations that govern the industry? We take a close look.

Insurance and Medical Flight Coverage

If you are looking for insurance, it is imperative that you look for one that brings you comprehensive medical flight coverage. We take a look.

Gamification and Medical Flight Personnel Training

Gamification can change the way medical flight professionals are trained. We take a look at all the advantages in some detail.

What’s it Like Being a Medical Flight Pilot?

What is it like to be a pilot of a medical flight? While it is quite exciting, there are certain responsibilities and inconveniences too. We take a look.

Medical Flight Safety and Lapses

Medical flight services today are considered one of the safest modes of patient transport today. However, it has been a journey. We take a peek.

Medical Flight Membership Programs – The Relevance

Medical flight memberships will continue to remain popular even if there is an end to surprise billing. Here’s why we predict this.

Medical Flight Company Misused GoFundMe Donations, Alleges Family

Family of a COVID-19 patient in Florida alleges that a medical flight company had charged their GoFundMe account USD 8,000 even though no service had been provided.

Medical Flight Surprise Bill is Fair to Say the Least

The new congressional bill will soon end the surprise billing practices, and it includes the medical flight industry. We take a look at the scenario.

Medical Flight Surprise Billing Practices May Soon End?

Medical flight surprise billing practices might see an end soon. The Federal Government is now looking at the practice with a focus on the air ambulance industry.

Medical Flight Maintenance – A Perpetual Journey

Medical flight services are expensive and there is no doubt about it; however, much of this cost is due to the high maintenance. We take a look.

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