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Use this checklist to ensure that you have everything you need for a smooth and comfortable air ambulance transport experience. We bring you the top 10 items.
Non-emergency air ambulance medical transport provides assistance to patients who require non-life-threatening medical care but are not in a position to travel by conventional means.

How are Air Ambulance Services Dealing with Rising Costs?

Air ambulance services are struggling to stay afloat today. The primary reason behind this is the rising cost. How is the industry coping with it? We take a look.

The Air Ambulance Industry Needs to Work Together

The air ambulance industry is going through a tough phase today. The major players in the industry need a strategy to stay afloat and profitable. We take a look.

The Size of Air Ambulance Industry in the United States

Why does the United States have so many air ambulance service providers? We take a deep look into the major factors behind it.

Medical Flight Safety and Lapses

Medical flight services today are considered one of the safest modes of patient transport today. However, it has been a journey. We take a peek.

Medical Flights – The Market-Driving Factors

It is believed that the medical flights will be in great demand for most part of the next two decades and will grow at...

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