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The Effects of Altitude

http://www.usairambulance.net/effects-of-altitude.php   The Effects of Altitude Even in pressurized aircraft, the air medical environment presents unique stresses on our patients. These stresses include immobility, noise, motion, vibration,...

How much will transport cost and how can I pay?

Cost depends on several factors, including distance and patient needs. Multiple payment options are available, including credit card, personal check (with credit card guarantee), insurance and third-party billing (with prior approval).

What should look for in an air ambulance company?

Seek an established company that owns and operates it own equipment and has a full-time dedicated staff. The company should be certified as an air ambulance service by the FAA and should have all related licenses and insurance

FAA Publishes New Air Ambulance Regulation

Making certificate holders with 10 or more helicopter air ambulances establish operations control centers is one facet of the proposal, which is intended to make helicopter air ambulance flights safer nationwide.