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Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS)

The Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), established in 1980, is an international association which serves providers of air and surface medical transport systems. The association, a voluntary non-profit organization, encourages and supports its members in maintaining a standard of performance reflecting high quality patient care and safe and efficient operations.

What are the requirements for an air ambulance service license in Florida?

The paper work requirements are listed on the application for AIR ambulance licensure, "Air Ambulance Service Provider Licensure Application", DOH Form 1575.  Click on the...

Who needs a Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance service license in Florida?

Every person, firm, corporation, association or governmental entity owning or acting as an agent for the owner of any business or service which furnishes,...

What are the requirements for an ambulance driver in Florida?

An ambulance driver must meet the following requirements: Is at least 18 years of age; certifies under oath that he or she is not addicted to...

What types of aircraft are typically used in medEvac transport?

There is no standard aircraft utilized in medEvac operations. Airplanes (fixed-wing aircraft) vary in size from single-engine turboprops such as the Pilatius PC-12 to twin-engine aircraft like the Cessna Citation, Beech B-200, and Lear 35. Most are either turboprop or jet aircraft which lends to faster, more versatile performance.

What are the law and rules governing Emergency Medical Services in Florida?

Chapter 401, Florida Statutes and Chapter 64J-1, Florida Administrative Code, are the law and rules, respectively, that governs Florida Emergency Medical Services. Chapter 401, Florida...

What is the required staffing for BLS and ALS vehicles and air ambulances in Florida?

BLS vehicles are required to have at a minimum an emergency medical technician (EMT) attending the patient and a driver meeting the requirements in Section...

Trauma Transport Protocols (TTP)

Trauma Transport Protocols (TTP) describe the procedures used by the emergency medical services prehospital provider for dispatch of vehicles, assessment of the extent and severity of injuries of trauma patients and determination of the destination (facility) to which trauma alert patients are transported. TTP's are a legal document that should outline, as accurately as possible, the actual procedures followed by the emergency medical service provider.

Can and unpermitted vehicle or aircraft be substituted for a permitted one while the permitted vehicle or aircraft us undergoing maintenance in Florida

Yes, when it is necessary for a permitted vehicle/aircraft to be out of service for routine maintenance or repairs, a substitute vehicle/aircraft meeting the...

The Effects of Altitude

http://www.usairambulance.net/effects-of-altitude.php   The Effects of Altitude Even in pressurized aircraft, the air medical environment presents unique stresses on our patients. These stresses include immobility, noise, motion, vibration,...

How much will transport cost and how can I pay?

Cost depends on several factors, including distance and patient needs. Multiple payment options are available, including credit card, personal check (with credit card guarantee), insurance and third-party billing (with prior approval).