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A Look into NASA’s Advanced Air Ambulance Vehicles


The utility of air ambulance vehicles is unquestionable. Around the world, thousands of people owe their life and speedy recovery to air ambulance vehicles that have enabled them to get treatment on time and in the right medical facilities. However, for air ambulances, it is not always easy to reach the patients on time. The reasons for this are several and range from heavy traffic to tough terrains. What if there was an air ambulance that was compact enough to land just about anywhere? NASA is on a mission to make this possible. It is working in conjunction with a few industry partners and the Federal Aviation Administration in this regard.

What is NASA’s Air Ambulance All About?

The premier government agency is working on an air ambulance that is so compact that one would be forgiven for mistaking it to be a drone. The vehicle is automated and precise in its operation. It can land just about anywhere and has a wide range of uses. It can be used to carry patients quickly to the nearest appropriate treating facility or even carry a qualified medical specialist when there is a dire need in a remote area. The vehicle itself is more eco-friendly leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

The Utility of the Vehicle

The vehicle can be used to transport medical equipment when the need is urgent. It can also be used to transport donor organs to the destination beating traffic. One can easily visualize its use in situations like the ongoing pandemic where quick access to health care is of paramount importance. Imagine a situation where air ambulance companies can have a compact vehicle that can be acquired at a substantially lower cost than a helicopter. Moreover, the maintenance cost of this air ambulance is very low when compared to choppers.

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