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Air Ambulance Guide

Air Ambulance Services for Organ Transplant

Developing countries need a robust infrastructure that involves air ambulance services in order to ensure organ transplants go smoothly.

Air Ambulance Association Files Lawsuit Over Regulations

An air ambulance association has filed a federal lawsuit as it disagrees with some aspects of the No Surprises Bill. We take a look at this development.

Medical Flights for the Elderly – Tips

Medical flights for the elderly can be slightly complicated, especially if the condition is serious, and the distance to be travelled is a lot. We take a look.

What Makes a Good Air Ambulance Service?

What are the important factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding on the right air ambulance service for your loved ones?

New Air Ambulance Regulations in the United States Soon

Surprise air ambulance billing will soon be a thing of the past. We take a brief look at certain points that are a part of this new regulation.

Insurance and Medical Flight Coverage

If you are looking for insurance, it is imperative that you look for one that brings you comprehensive medical flight coverage. We take a look.

Gamification and Medical Flight Personnel Training

Gamification can change the way medical flight professionals are trained. We take a look at all the advantages in some detail.

Air Ambulance Industry – What Happened to Ending Surprise Billing Practice?

It was not too long ago that news headlines were abuzz with the possibility of ending surprise billing but now, it seems nothing much...

Air Ambulance: Unexpected Bills Despite Having Insurance

The phenomenon, widely known as surprise billing, has troubled the United States for quite some time. It has been highlighted from time to time...

Air Ambulance Industry and the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the past, the air ambulance industry has proved that it is an indispensable part of the health emergency services in the United States...

Prepping Medical Flights for Success

Amid thundering engines and pounding heartbeats, crews of medical flights set out on life-saving missions every day. The mission starts even before the takeoff....

Air Ambulance Coverage and Visitors to the US

Healthcare costs are not just about air ambulance costs. The United States of America has one of the highest healthcare costs in the entire...

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