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Use this checklist to ensure that you have everything you need for a smooth and comfortable air ambulance transport experience. We bring you the top 10 items.
Non-emergency air ambulance medical transport provides assistance to patients who require non-life-threatening medical care but are not in a position to travel by conventional means.

Are air ambulances used for non-emergency transports?

Yes, an air ambulance chartered on your behalf can transport patients who need non-critical care, are bedridden, or fragile. Many patients take a private air ambulance just because they cannot situp or have injuries that make them fragile, uncomfortable and not suited for normal commercial aircaraft transport.

Tertiary hospital Care

A specialized, highly technical level of health care that includes diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability in sophisticated, large research and teaching hospitals serving a large geographic region.


A medical caregiver with ALS (advanced life support) level training.


The rate and extent of disease.

Inter-facility transport

Medical care provided en-route between two medical facilities, usually between a local community hospital and a regional trauma center or other specialty center.

Helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS)

Helicopter air ambulance providing emergency medical services.

Emergency medical technician (EMT)

A medical caregiver with BLS level training.

EMS System

An arrangement of medical, public health, and public safety resources to prevent occurrences of emergency illness and injury and to mitigate the impact of such occurrences which can’t be prevented. May be local, regional, state, or national.

Critical care ground – (CCG)

A ground ambulance providing a level of medical care higher than ALS, staffed with specially trained nurses and paramedics.

Bbasic life support (BLS)

The most basic level of medical care provided in an ambulance, usually by First Responders and EMT’s.

Advanced life support (ALS)

A more advanced level of medical care provided in an ambulance, usually by paramedics.

Air Ambulance Cost and Cost – Effectiveness

Maintaining the resources necessary to respond with an air ambulance to an emergency is a complex and costly undertaking, much like that of fire departments and hospital emergency departments.

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