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Tips for Medical Flight Providers to Improve Compliance Programs


Maybe you’re just starting to implement a compliance program or you’re planning to make improvements to the one you have in place. Either way, you’re taking a step towards providing better service and medical care with the program. In order to make sure your medical flight company has a proper compliance program in place, you can make use of the tips provided in this article.

Improving on a Compliance Program for Medical Flight Providers

Here are some of the crucial steps required for having a proper compliance program in place:

  • Assign a designated compliance officer – Medical compliance should be one of the top priorities for your company. So in order to take care of the operating and monitoring of your compliance program, it would be best to have a designated compliance officer. Their responsibilities would include conducting internal audits, staying updated with any changes in the rules and regulations of Medicare, etc.
  • Conduct internal audits – You can assess any compliance risks in your company by having an internal claim review. This will involve evaluating the entire process of submitting a claim. You can have a better understanding of whether everything is going well during every step of the claim submission process – right from call intake to payment.
  • Conduct an annual external audit – In addition to having an internal audit, your medical flight company should also have periodic external audits. This involves having a qualified and certified auditor to examine your claim sample. This will help in detecting any error that you missed during your internal audit.

These are the three main factors that will help in ensuring a better compliance program for your company. In addition to this, it would be wise to refund any overpayments without delay and have a monthly assessment of the OIG exclusions database.

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