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Does Your Insurance Cover Your Air Ambulance Evacuation?

Before booking his holiday flight from San Francisco to Miami, Stefan Mitrovic inquired, "Do I need travel insurance?" That's when he remembered his suitcase....

Farmers Raise a Huge Amount for Air Ambulance Charity

A section of farmers in the United Kingdom have not only raised funds for their local air ambulance charity but also for farmers in the war-torn Ukraine.

Wales Professional Goes the Mile for Local Medical Flight Charity

A finance professional from the rural United Kingdom has set out to raise funds for the local medical flight charity through an endurance event. We take a look.

Jet Packs will Soon be Used to Supplement Medical Flight Rescue Efforts

Paramedics may soon use jetpacks to rescue people stuck in dire situations. It will be an augment to the efforts by medical flight services. We take a look.

Canadian Air Ambulance Service Suffers Twin Laser Attacks

A Canadian air ambulance was subject to laser attacks in Ottawa. The unfortunate air ambulance had to bear two laser attacks. We take a look.

Yet Another Creative Air Ambulance Fund-Raising Effort

The Great North Air Ambulance Service recently announced a gaming event with the intent of raising funds. We take a look.

Planning Pediatric Air Ambulance Transfer is a Complex Process

Air ambulance transfer of pediatric patients can be a complex process that involves several aspects. We take a look at the pre-flight factors.

Stiff Opposition to Shifting Air Ambulance Base

Campaigners opposing the closure of the Wales Air Ambulance base in Gwynedd gathered at the site near Caernarfon to demand that it remain open....

Innovation: Air Ambulance Industry

A Newfoundland-based aviation company is boosting the efficiency of air ambulance services by increasing its load capacity. We take a look.

A Look at Some of the Air Ambulance Companies in the United States

There are several air ambulance companies in the United States of America. We take a look at some of them and give you a few details.

Why is Maintenance of an Air Ambulance Company Expensive?

The cost of maintenance and service is not just a financial issue. It also has regulatory and staffing cost implications. We take a look.

Understanding Air Ambulance Payments

Balance billing occurs when an insurance company or provider refuses to pay the full amount of a claim, but allows the patient to still receive treatment, including air ambulance services. We take a look.