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Innovation: Air Ambulance Industry


A Newfoundland-based aviation company is helping air ambulance service providers improve customer service and efficiency. Their innovative project helped create the Beechcraft 1900 with a hands-free, powered loading system that can carry up to 700 pounds. With more headroom than the traditional airport, medical teams don’t have to hunch over as they move around inside the aircraft. There’s enough space to accommodate more staff and patients on the plane with seats that are comfortable. The modified Beechcraft 1900D is meant to make transporting bariatric patients and babies with neonatal equipment easier.

More People Can be Serviced Simultaneously

The modified air ambulance made it possible to evacuate several COVID-19 workers from the mining site. Air ambulances typically carry one patient at a time; however, due to the large size of this aircraft, it can carry 10 patients. The increased capacity means that more people can be transported at once bringing the transportation costs down drastically. An assignment for an insurance company had a client transport a shark attack victim back to France. They needed custom content to transport them to their destination and couldn’t use commercial airlines due to being too ill. With the Beechcraft 1900, family members of the victim could also travel and they wouldn’t need to get a separate, commercial flight.

Innovation has Not Come Cheap

The company has spent $6 million on its new business idea. However, the investment is proving its worth now. The company is getting calls from potential customers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the Bahamas. Currently, 24 people are being employed for each Beechcraft modification project.

No Surprises Act and Cost per Air Ambulance Flight

The No Surprises Act has put tremendous pressure on air ambulance service providers in the United States. Innovations like these can ease their financial burden to a huge extent. How well the industry buys into this innovation is something only time will tell.

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