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Air Ambulance Rescues a Paramedic in Pennsylvania


In what can be best termed as an unfortunate turn of events, land ambulance personnel had to be rescued via an air ambulance. The incident occurred on the 13th of June at around 1:15 pm. Onlookers claimed that the paramedic, a lady in question, was seen hanging out of a moving ambulance. She then jumped out of the moving vehicle. She had sustained quite serious injuries and was immediately attended to by several paramedics present at the spot. She was then flown via an air ambulance for more targeted treatment. The condition of the paramedic is not known at the current time.

Timely Air Ambulance Intervention Helped

The extent of the injuries is not known at the current time. However, because air ambulance services take only a fraction of the time to reach the treatment destination as compared to other modes of transfer, it is likely that the patient gets the right treatment at the right time. The result is shorter recovery time, better chances of survival and improved treatment outcomes. It is hoped that the same would be true in the case of the paramedic in question whose name has not been revealed.

What Made the Paramedic Jump Out of the Moving Vehicle?

The spokesperson of the company that the paramedic worked for revealed that she was upset over some past event and had taken this step. However, it is not clear what that incident was and the intent behind this extreme step.

The quick intervention and air ambulance evacuation, it is hoped, will lead to the full recovery of the lady. At the time, the ambulance was travelling towards the company’s communication center. That is when the paramedic voluntarily opened the door of the ambulance and jumped out, it is reported. Only a thorough investigation will clear the fog that surrounds this incident.

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