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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

Use this checklist to ensure that you have everything you need for a smooth and comfortable air ambulance transport experience. We bring you the top 10 items.
Non-emergency air ambulance medical transport provides assistance to patients who require non-life-threatening medical care but are not in a position to travel by conventional means.

Florida Statute Regarding Air Ambulance Service ans License

See original The 2012 Florida Statutes Title XXIX PUBLIC HEALTH Chapter 401 MEDICAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND TRANSPORTATION 401.251 Air ambulance service; licensure.— (1) Each person, firm, corporation, association, or governmental entity that owns or...

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) refers to a series of medical treatment actions performed for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke and other...

Are air ambulances regulated?

In some states, such as: Florida and Texas, air ambulance companies are regulated at a state level. Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifies...

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