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Air Ambulance Training Mission in War-Torn Ukraine


Ukraine today is in a crippling war with the aggressor, Russia. All the political ideals apart, the people of the country are today in need of critical medical help. Air ambulance services from the UK have responded to this need through a voluntary gesture. Recently, a crew of the Great Western Air Ambulance flew to Ukraine and imparted valuable education concerning critical pre-hospital care. The crew undertook a 25-hour journey to Kyiv for this very purpose. The volunteers have returned to the United Kingdom safely after sharing valuable knowledge with some of the citizens in the country.

The Air Ambulance Service Educated People at High Risk

Diplomatic efforts have been ongoing in Ukraine to end the war. Of course, diplomats have been at the forefront of this effort, and they are at an increased risk of attacks. At the same time, since the effort demands traveling from one city to another, they are also exposed to landmines. Therefore, the air ambulance crew from the United Kingdom chose these diplomats for their training. A total of 60 diplomats were trained in treating critical injuries resulting from blasts. The training can prove helpful as people wait for trained medical professionals for further treatment.

There were Challenges

It goes without saying that being in a war-torn country itself is a risk. However, matters were compounded by the fact that there was a language barrier. The training had to be given with the help of a local translator. This slowed down the training quite a lot. The air ambulance volunteers were in the country for over two days and returned to the United Kingdom on July 1st. The training covered aspects such as the use of tourniquets, the triage process and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They were also trained to identify what type of injuries are the most serious and need attention first.

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